British Quizzing Championships

Britain’s most prestigious day of quizzing comes on the first Saturday in September, as quizzers from all corners of the British Isles come together for the British Quizzing Championships.

The first order of business is the Individual championship with 240 questions in six genres over two hours to determine the winner of the Mark Bytheway Trophy.

Kevin Ashman receiving the Mark Bytheway Trophy as British Quizzing Champion for a record 6th time in 2017 (Photo: © British Quizzing Association)

The Pairs championship offers a different challenge, with multiple short knockout rounds of questions requiring two heads to work things out. While many partnerships have been successful year after year, scratch pairs arranged on the day have also found success as exemplified by Jeff Evans and Brian Chesney of Wales who took the title in 2016.

Entry is open to anyone, so if you’d like to give it a go, watch out for details at:

British Quizzing Association

British Quizzing Association