The world and their mother now have “quizzes” on their websites, so finding the very best can be tricky. We hope the links on this page will point you in the right direction to take your quizzing experiences to the next level

Governing Bodies

Our colleagues around the globe work tirelessly to organise the world’s biggest and best quiz tournaments and we proudly support their efforts:

International Quizzing Association

British Quiz Association

Irish Quiz Organisation

Quizzing Australia

And don’t forget the Quiz Leagues working to organise events in their local areas.

Social Media

We understand that not everyone is a Facebooker or a Tweeter. But no one can deny the importance of social media to the growth of competitive quizzing in the UK. If you want to get involved and find out more about everything that’s going on, we recommend that you join:

Quiz Discussion Group – The epicentre of the UK quizzing community, QDG brings together all the news from competitive quiz events with in-depth discussion of the latest TV and radio quizzes

Quiz Questions Group – Facebook’s best source of questions, with many regular quizzes together with plenty of fascinating facts and topical teasers

Online Quizzes

If you want to improve your quizzing skills, there really is no substitute for facing more questions. For the best questions and the best opponents to hone your skills, we recommend:

Learned League – The biggest head-to-head quiz competition in the world. Most of America’s best quizzers (and a large number of British stars too) test themselves against Learned League’s mix of daily ranking and one-off special quizzes.

WikiQuiz – Anyone can set a quiz for everyone to try with WikiQuiz’s easy-to-use platform, and many of the best question writers from the UK and around the world do that every day. There are quick-fire general knowledge events at 7pm and 9pm each day and a huge range of specialist subject quizzes to try at your leisure.

Sporcle – One of the longest-running quiz sites, Sporcle’s huge collection of list-based quizzes are a great learning tool

QuizUp – Quick-fire multiple choice questions are QuizUp’s speciality, with the option to challenge yourself or take on quizzers from around the world with monthly rankings by subject and nation to keep your competitive juices flowing

Revision Tools

If reading the facts is more your style, there are also a number of sites specialising in quiz-friendly reading material:

Quiz Revision Notes – Regular Grand Prix question setter Keith Andrew’s revision notes take in a huge range of key facts across the Grand Prix categories and include quizzes to test your enhanced knowledge

You Gotta Know – This monthly blog from the US academic quiz circuit is a great guide to commonly asked questions in a range of categories, helping you make better guesses for those extra marks