Quiz Olympiad

Bringing the very best of the Olympic spirit to the world of competitive quizzing, the Quiz Olympiad brings the World’s quizzers together every four years for the planet’s largest and most prestigious single-site quiz event.

The Quiz Olympiad takes place in the November of each Olympic year, incorporating that year’s European Quizzing Championships. The event starts on Thursday evening with the qualifying rounds of the Nations Cup championship. The parallel Aspirational Cup allows everyone to face the challenge of the toughest team quiz around, with many countries fielding B and C teams in the event.

The bulk of Friday is taken up by the Quizathlon. This unique event sees competitiors face six specialist quizzes, with a choice of a high-brow or low-brow subject in each round. As well as individual prizes for each subject, there are standings for the best individual performances in the high-brow and low-brow categories and overall, plus a national team competition where the best score in all 12 subjects is combined meaning that anyone could contribute to their national team winning a medal.

Action from the Pairs event at the 2016 Quiz Olympiad in Athens, Greece (Photo: © International Quizzing Association)

Later on Friday, the Speed Quiz offers the unique test of 80 multiple-choice questions in just two minutes, followed by the Knockout Quiz where you can go head-to-head against quizzers from around the world until your knowledge and your luck run out!

On Saturday, the Individual champion is crowned, with a written quiz followed by a special final round where the world’s top ten quizzers go head-to-head, the destiny of the title being decided question-by-question. Saturday evening is the world’s hardest pub quiz, as Club Teams of all nations compete for the World Championship in their field.

Sunday opens with the Pairs championship, a chance for quizzers from different nations to combine their talents or for top pairs from one nation to take on the rest of the world. And the weekend finishes with the final knockout matches in the Nations Cup, representing the pinnacle of international team quizzing.

We are already preparing for the next Olympiad, to be held in Krakow, Poland in 2021, and you will find full details closer to the date at;

Quiz Olympiad

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