The Quiz Organisation of Wales is run entirely by volunteers. We hold an AGM at the British Quizzing Championships each September and elect a committee to undertake our formal activities. The committee has evolved over the years and now comprises a Captain, Vice-Captain and Secretary.

The wider membership of the Organisation provide much invaluable assistance to the Committee and we are always happy to support the efforts of our members to develop competitive quizzing across the country.

Captain – Mark Grant

The Captain has final responsibility for the selection of Wales representative teams at international competitions. He co-ordinates our participation in these events and acts as playing captain of the national team. The Captain also takes the lead in organising international events for which the Organisation is responsible.

An ever-present in the Welsh national team, Mark is one of the UK’s best all-round quizzers and a regular medallist at competitive quiz events. His titles include the champion-of-champion-of-champions Top Brain prize on Brain Of Britain and his Crossworders team were victors in the first series of Only Connect.

Vice-Captain – Gareth Aubrey

The Vice-Captain advises and supports the Captain in his duties and acts as playing captain of the national B team at international competitions. At present our Vice-Captain is also responsible for publicity and for our internet and social media presence.

A Welsh international since 2013, Gareth is particularly renowned as a sports quizzer but is perhaps best known as a member of the victorious University of Manchester team on University Challenge in 2006.

Secretary – Andrew Teale

The Secretary maintains our formal documentation and assists the other committee members as required.

A supporter of international quizzing from its earliest days, Andrew specialises in politics and current affairs quizzing. His broadcast quiz appearances include University Challenge and Mastermind.


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2008 Gareth Kingston

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