Thanks to the tremendous growth in the quizzing scene in recent years, barely a week goes by without an opportunity to quiz against the best brains in Britain. Most competitive quiz events offer a whole day or even a weekend of quizzing, with a range of social quizzes alongside the serious business.

At many events, the main quiz will be the Individual competition. These are written papers designed to test everyone against the same questions at the same time. The number of questions and the time allowed will vary but the challenge remains the same.

Quizzers deep in thought at the Cardiff venue during the 2018 World Quizzing Championships

Pairs quizzing extends the written format with tougher questions that need two heads to work out the answers over a number of rounds. A popular format in Europe, it is now also a feature of a number of UK events.

There is an endless variety of Team quiz formats, from traditional pub quizzes through to University Challenge-style buzzer quizzes. International team events use the unique Chocolate Box format, where strategy and fortune play a big part in deciding the outcome.

The Wales team confer during the bronze medal play-off at the 2016 Quiz Olympiad in Athens, Greece (Photo: © International Quizzing Association)

On these pages you can find out more about the wide variety of events going on across the country and beyond. Each of them is open to anyone who wishes to take part, so if you feel like taking the plunge and giving it a go, just follow the links or watch out for details of upcoming events in our diary.