BQA Quest Grand Prix Series

Britain’s regular monthly fix of competitive quizzing, the Quest Grand Prix Series has been at the heart of the national quiz scene for almost two decades.

Held on the first Saturday of most months at over a dozen venues up and down the UK, each Quest event offers you the opportunity to take part in three quizzes where the whole country competes together.

The day starts with the Grand Prix individual quiz, a 90 minute paper split into six categories with 180 standard questions and 60 super-tough tiebreakers. With prizes in each category and overall, there’s something for everyone to strive for.

Just some of the questions from the August 2018 Grand Prix quiz

The results of each Grand Prix also count (together with those of the British Championships) to an annual Order Of Merit and All-Time Rankings, meaning you can see where you stand against the best quizzers from all over the UK.

In the afternoon, the National Team Quiz League’s video quizmaster allows teams at each venue to compete against each other on equal terms, with an annual league table to find the top team.

A question from the February 2020 National Team Quiz League

The day concludes with the Hot 100, which as the name suggests comprises 100 individual questions over 45 minutes. The questions have an international theme and count (together with the results of the World and European Championships) to the World Quiz Rankings.

With so many venues around the UK, if you want to see how you measure up there’s bound to be an opportunity near you (and almost every venue has some Welsh quizzers taking part too) . All the details can be found at:

BQA Quest

British Quizzing Association