Celtic Nations Quizzing Championships

The Celtic Nations Quizzing Championships brings Scotland, Ireland and Wales together for international quizzing’s most inclusive tournament, where anyone could contribute to their country’s success or failure!

The Wales squad at the 2016 Celtic Nations Quizzing Championships in Edinburgh, Scotland

Taking place every April, the venue rotates between the three countries. Across the weekend, each nation earns points from the various quizzes to determine the champion nation. There are Individual and Pairs quizzes that everyone can take part in, with each nation’s top 16 individuals and top 8 pairs contributing points to the overall competition, making every competitor potentially vital to their country’s fortunes. The national A, B, C and D teams also face off in two sets of team quizzes with every match vital to national honour.

With social quizzing late into the nights as well, the Celtic Nations is a great introduction to the world of competitive quizzing, as the ten Welsh debutants at the 2018 event in Cardiff can testify! Watch out for full details in the Calendar in the sidebar or in the News section of this website.

Late night quizzing action at the 2017 Celtic Nations Quizzing Championships in Dublin, Ireland (this round of Last Man Standing went past 11pm)