The Quiz Organisation Of Wales exists to promote participation in competitive quizzing for everyone who lives in Wales or hails from Wales.

Television and radio quizzes, from old favourites like Mastermind and Brain of Britain to modern classics like Fifteen-to-One, regularly show the remarkable talents of the UK’s best quizzing brains. But broadcast quizzes only scratch the surface of top-level quizzing in Wales and across the British Isles. Almost every weekend sees quizzers coming together somewhere in the UK to challenge themselves against the hardest questions and the best opponents.

Many of the competitors at these events have proven themselves in those broadcast quizzes. Just as many have found success on our airwaves after honing their skills in tournaments up and down the country. And for many quizzers, testing their brains and sharing the camaraderie of the quizzing community is the only goal.

Quizzers from the Wales team at the 2018 Celtic Nations Quizzing Championships holding Welsh flags
Just some of the 30 quizzers who made up the largest Wales squad ever assembled, at the 2018 Celtic Nations Quizzing Championships in Cardiff

Since 2005, the Quiz Organisation Of Wales has been responsible for the Wales teams that compete at the Quiz Olympiad and European Quizzing Championships. We also share hosting duties for the Celtic Nations Quizzing Championships with our colleagues in Scotland and Ireland, bringing high-quality international quizzing to Wales every three years.

Throughout the year we work to help Welsh quizzers take part in top-flight competitive quizzing, organising events under the auspices of the British Quizzing Association and attending the many events held by our members and friends up and down the UK.

We realise it can be daunting to take that first step beyond your local pub quiz or quiz league. The Quiz Organisation of Wales, and this site, are here to help.