World Championship Quizzing Returns To Cardiff

Cardiff saw the very highest level of quizzing competition for the second straight year, as the Quiz Organisation of Wales again hosted one of the many venues for the World Quizzing Championships.

Twenty-eight quizzers from six countries took part in the Welsh capital, among them six-time world champion and Egghead Kevin Ashman and The Chase favourite, Mark Labbett. The title of World Champion stayed with its holder, as reigning champion Olav Bjortomt of England again proved his class ahead of the USA’s Steve Perry and Finland’s Tero Kalliolevo. Cardiff did provide two of the world’s top 10 (with Ashman 4th and Didier Bruyere of France 7th) and there was also success in the room for University of Bristol quizzer Daniel Hawkins who was the champion in the under-20s category.

Cardiff’s quizzers take on the best in the world in the 2019 World Quizzing Championships at Cardiff University Students Union

Welsh team captain Mark Grant secured 13th place overall and there were fifteen Welsh quizzers in the global field of 2,653 competitors, including Alun Powell making his debut in IQA/BQA competition. Full Welsh results are shown below and you can find all the scores and the current world rankings positions on the QUEST website.

Mark Grant – 155 (13th)
Ian Orriss – 119 (129th)
Gareth Aubrey – 118 (132nd)
Mark Labbett – 116 (152nd)
Gareth Kingston – 113 (182nd)
Jeff Evans – 106 (285th)
David Cowan – 104 (318th)
Anthony Fish – 103 (336th)
Phil Bennion – 102 (352nd)
Ian Welham – 94 (486th)
Rhys Winwood – 70 (1111th)
Alun Powell – 64 (1282nd)
Phill Price- 62 (1345th)
Nicki Cockburn – 61 (1370th)
Bob Timothy – 52 (1621st)