Frustration For Welsh Quizzers In Latest Grand Prix

Wales’ most civilised quizzers were left frustrated by one of several close finishes during March’s BQA Grand Prix quiz.

At the top of the leaderboard, Pat Gibson secured back-to-back Grand Prix victories by just 0.2 points from Didier Bruyere. The margins were similarly tight in the genres with five of the six requiring tiebreakers to separate the medals, with Wales’ Gareth Aubrey and David Cowan missing out in Civilisation by 0.1 and 0.2 points respectively.

Scores from Wales’ many representatives can be found below and all the scores and ranking details can be found on the QUEST website. The next Grand Prix is on Saturday April 6th at venues around the UK, if you would like to try your hand against Britain’s best quizzers you can find out more about what goes on and how you can take part in the Events section of this site.

Gareth Aubrey – 114.7 (20th)
Gareth Kingston – 111.5 (32nd)
David Cowan – 109.9 (41st)
Ian Orriss – 108.8 (46th)
David Edwards – 107.5 (52nd)
Jeff Evans – 104.4 (59th)
Ian Welham – 102.6 (71st)
Andrew Teale – 102.3 (73rd)
Alan Morgan – 101.6 (75th)
Iwan Thomas – 96.7 (94th)
Phill Price – 74.4 (151st)
Nicki Cockburn – 63.2 (168th)
Rhys Winwood – 62.3 (170th)