Cardiff Sees First Grand Prix Action of 2019

BQA Grand Prix quizzing returned to Cardiff for the first time in 2019, as quizzers in the capital were among 186 competitors at venues around the UK.

Reigning British and European champion Pat Gibson took a dominant victory with 132.0 points, 4.5 clear of the current Brain Of London, David Stainer with World #4 Didier Bruyere a further point back. The Welsh contingent had a quiet day in the overall standings, although Mark Grant’s 17th-overall finish included a silver medal in Civilisation and we were pleased to welcome Hywel Matthews to his first Grand Prix.

Full Welsh results are shown below and you can find all the scores and the current UK rankings positions on the QUEST website. The next BQA Grand Prix is on 2 March and Cardiff will once again be one of the venues, you can find out more about what goes on and how you can take part in the Events section of this site.

Mark Grant – 114.4 (17th)
David Cowan – 105.4 (37th)
Gareth Aubrey – 103.6 (42nd)
Ian Orriss – 101.7 (44th)
Jeff Evans – 98.5 (57th)
Gareth Kingston – 98.4 (61st)
Andrew Teale – 94.6 (78th)
Alan Morgan – 94.4 (82nd)
Lawrence Cook – 89.4 (99th)
Ian Welham – 86.4 (105th)
Anthony Fish – 85.1 (112th)
William Townsend – 81.4 (117th)
Hywel Matthews – 67.0 (156th)
Phill Price – 59.0 (169th)
Rhys Winwood – 57.0 (174th)