Wales Squad Complete Edinburgh Prep On Historic Day Of Quizzing

Wales’ top quizzers will take plenty of positives to the Celtic Nations Quizzing Championships in Edinburgh after the latest BQA Grand Prix quiz.

The event saw one of the largest ever fields for an individual quiz in the UK with 190 quizzers taking part at venues up and down the country, but it was former Oxford University quizzing star Daoud Jackson who took a debut Grand Prix victory with 142.1 points, pipping Egghead Pat Gibson and Chaser Paul Sinha to the post on Grand National day. The university Quizbowl scene has produced a number of very talented quizzers in recent years and we are sure that this will be the first of many victories for Daoud and his colleagues in the years to come.

With scores high across the board, Welsh captain Mark Grant took an impressive 7th-place overall and there were genre medal successes for Gareth Aubrey (Gold in Sport & Games), Andrew Teale (Bronze in Civilisation) and Mark Grant (Bronze in Art, Culture & History) as well as three very welcome debuts by Stu Hern, Margaret Gabica and Bob Timothy. Full Welsh results are shown below and you can find all the scores and the current UK rankings positions on the QUEST website.

Quizzers hard at work during the April 2019 BQA Grand Prix quiz at Cardiff University Students Union

Mark Grant – 137.6 (7th)
Ian Orriss – 129.0 (24th)
Gareth Kingston – 125.5 (34th)
Gareth Aubrey – 124.3 (42nd)
David Cowan – 123.9 (46th)
Andrew Teale – 122.9 (50th)
Anthony Fish – 115.8 (75th)
Jeff Evans – 114.9 (84th)
Stu Hern – 111.6 (96th)
Ian Welham – 106.6 (109th)
Margaret Gabica – 105.9 (113th)
Lauren Hamer – 102.5 (123rd)
Rhys Winwood – 82.5 (171st)
Phill Price – 82.2 (172nd)
Bob Timothy – 76.5 (178th)