Positive Start To 2019 At Birmingham Grand Prix

There were plenty of positives for Wales’ quizzers at the first BQA Grand Prix of 2019, as just over 100 of the UK’s top quizzers assembled at the Cadbury Club in Bournville.

Kevin Ashman took the overall victory with 133.9 points, four clear of his Eggheads team-mate Pat Gibson with the Chaser, Paul Sinha, another two back in third. Wales’ star performer was Andrew Teale who took the gold medal in the Civilisation genre with a huge 29.4 points out of 31. Mark Grant took bronze in that category too (on his way to a Wales-best 11th place overall) and Brian Chesney also scored a bronze medal in Art & Culture. We also welcomed Cian Roberts to his first Grand Prix, hopefully of many.

The Welsh scores are shown below and you can find full results on the QUEST website. There are venues across the UK holding the next QUEST Grand Prix event on 2 February, including one in Cardiff which we hope to confirm shortly. You can find out more about what goes on and how you can take part in the Events section of this site.

Mark Grant – 115.2 (11th)
David Edwards – 112.4 (16th)
Gareth Aubrey – 101.1 (34th)
Alan Morgan – 98.5 (39th)
Gareth Kingston – 98.4 (40th)
Brian Chesney – 98.4 (41st)
David Cowan – 94.4 (50th)
Jeff Evans – 93.6 (53rd)
Andrew Teale – 93.0 (54th)
Ian Welham – 92.2 (56th)
Iwan Thomas – 88.9 (60th)
Nicki Cockburn – 64.0 (109th)
Lauren Hamer – 59.2 (117th)
Phill Price – 59.2 (118th)
Cian Roberts – 49.0 (121st)